Precision Tapper




I want to help your brain become more effective. Do you?

With Precision Tapper, and the mini-games inside, your brain will be tested on speed, attention, and hand-eye coordination. Your overall attention in "the real world" will become greater as well as an increase in short-term memory and other valuable life skills.

Featured are 3 mini-games:
* Rapid Fire - Tap Green. Avoid Red.
* Ascending - Tap in order from Least to Greatest.
* Blackout - Tap Green after all circles move as Black.

Between these 3 mini-games ALONE, you will be drawn in to increase your own ability and improve against the most important person in your life: Yourself.

Finally, if you have difficulties seeing the difference between Red and Green, don't worry! I have put in a Red-Green-Colorblind setting that you can turn on and enjoy Precision Tapper to the fullest!

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