Space Omega



Dodging space rocks and collecting points. Couldn't be simpler.

A game that never plays twice the same, A Space Omega is an endurance arcade game with the goal of racking up as many points as possible before your lives run out.

4 types of objects:
- Asteroids - Giant rocks floating along in space. Crash into one of these gray chunks of rock and you lose a life.
- Ice Comet - Blue chunks of ice floating about between the asteroids. Obtain one of these and you slow down upcoming asteroids as well as gain a bonus 500 points.
- Fireball - Yellow-Orange balls of blazing fury speeding through the galaxy. Obtain one of these and your ship goes faster because of the fireball's extra energy, on top of a bonus 1000 points.
- Plus-One - Green circles that, when obtained, grant you 1 extra life.

2 Game modes:
Regular: 3 starting lives, low asteroid count, and regular asteroid speed. All objects can spawn in Regular.
Hardcore: 3 starting lives, higher asteroid count, and higher asteroid speed. All but Plus-One's can spawn in Hardcore. You must score 20,000 points in Regular before being able to play Hardcore.

Made using the Cocos2d and Box2d engines, A Space Omega brings you in time and time again for when you most need a challenge. Tilting the iPhone/iPod left and right at varying amounts lets your ship travel at varying speeds.

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