Coach Hines Soundboard



Love MadTV?

Love Coach Hines?

Want a soundboard on your iPhone/iPod of him so you can play your favorite quotes on the go?

Then here you go! A Coach Hines soundboard app that has a ton of selective quotes from his best skits.

For free, you can play to your friends, or whoever, the best of Coach Hines' Steroid Bust, Game Time, The Play, Saturday Detention, and more!

Stoppable sound:
-When a sound clip is playing, tap any button on screen and it will stop the clip.
-Tap any button after to hear the desired sound.
-Although this disables the ability to listen to multiple sounds at once, it ensures clear audio playback of the selected clip.

Continuous play:
-Even when the mute switch is turned to silent the sound will still play

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