Crazy Highway



"Crazy Highway wallops more entertainment value than your average “free” title that we see."
- App Store Arcade

Have you ever play a game as an animal crossing a road and dodging vehicles?

Well in Crazy Highway, your role is sending the vehicles, trying to hit the animals.

A game where speed is just as important as patience, Crazy Highway offers a whole ton of awesome that cannot be described in words.

For the low cost of FREE you can have unlimited fun with the following:

* Free game, completely
* 2 Game Modes
* Many Vehicles to choose from
* Tons of animals to run over
* Nos and Tranq Shots
* Monster Truck Power-Up
* Super-Awesome Rest Area music
* Arctic and Original Themes
* ATM machine to get gold quicker
* Competitive Leaderboards
* Fun Achievements

Designed & Created by Pixel Diamond Games.

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