Crescent Ridge Mini Golf



The perfect miniature golf game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

What does Crescent Ridge Mini Golf have that makes it so amazing?

Well, it features things like:

* An intuitive flick-motion for a true golf-like feel.
* 45 beautiful holes spread over 5 courses!
* Each course is even individually themed!
* You can play ANY course and ANY hole at ANY time -- even from the pause menu!
* A simple, easy-to-navigate menu system.
* Even iPhone 5 Support!

Making use of the Cocos2d and Box2d engines, Crescent Ridge Mini Golf offers mini-golf on the iOS like you've never played before. With all of the listed features above, it is certain that anyone who plays this game will enjoy every aspect.

And hey! It's even free! So why NOT at least try the first few levels? Maybe you'll find out you actually DO love mini-golf on the phone (even if you're not a fan of playing in person).

Looks great, plays great.

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