Alfred The Frog




Meet Alfred.

He’s on his way home.


Each day he needs food, and each day his appetite is different, along with a different amount of energy (attempts). Catch the required bugs before he runs out of energy, and Alfred can continue on his journey.

Alfred The Frog consists of:

* Simple, pull-back controls !
* 50 levels over 5 unique zones !
* 10 total bug types !
* 4 special bug types !
* Crazy outfits for Alfred !

He was brought in as a pet by Lucy, a 9 year-old girl, when she was out on a camping trip with her parents. Both Alfred and Lucy loved spending time together. For almost a year, Alfred lived a nice life where he was fed, cleaned, and loved by his owner.

Until one day, Lucy’s parents decided to move to another home in the country fields. When they got there, Lucy’s mom did not want Alfred in the new home, and Alfred was kicked out.

Help Alfred back to his original home, the crystal pond at the edge of the forest, by helping him catch bugs.


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